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People are weak. But, doctors have to be strong.

It’s difficult, isn’t it?


Tachibana Keisuke

Code Blue 2 Ep 11

When alone, people don’t value life.

It’s only when there’s someone they want to be with, someone they don’t want to sadden, that people value their own lives.

-Aizawa Kosaku-
Code Blue 2 Ep 11


There are no miracles in the world of livesaving.
I know that.

There is no doctor who doesn’t hope for miracles.
I know that, too.

However, in this world, situations exist;
desperate ones, in which words such as “miracle” don’t exist.

There are no miracles in the world of livesaving.

That’s a fact.
But, what’s a miracle to begin with?
Oneself and one’s family being healthy.
To have something one can devote oneself to.
Having superiors and companions that correct your mistakes.
Having partners to which you feel you don’t want to lose.
If we can call this sort of modest happiness a “miracle”, then this world we’re living in might be overflowing with miracles.
We just don’t realize it.

That’s right, they’re right beside us.
A lot of miracle.

-Aizawa Kosaku, Flight Doctor that turning into Neurosurgery Dept.-

Code Blue 2 Ep 11

Choose among the Choices

Medical practice is a succession of choices.
Go into surgery whilst prepared for hemorrhaging, or persist with the more conservative therapy.

In any case, at that fork in the road.

One you choose, you can’t turn back.
You can’t reset.

That is…the same with life.
It’s a succession of uncertain forks in the road.
But, there’s no option but to choose and proceed down one road.
the crossroad in one’s life draws near mercilessly.


Code Blue 2 Ep 10

Wound of the Heart

Continuous suture.
Horizontal mattress suture.
Skin stappler.
A surgeon knows of all kinds of ways to stitch an open wound.
But, the emotional scars,
what can be used to stitch emotional scars?

There is no easy way to heal emotional scars.
I just think of it this way :
Wounds of the heart are undoubtly necessary.
That’s because bearing wounds in our hearts, we can become aware of other people’s pain.

-Aizawa Kosaku-

Code Blue 2 Ep 9